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From Vintage 2 Vogue

From Vintage 2 Vogue is an E-Commerce website which was initially built in 2012, and recently had a visual makeover back in April of 2014. This website features rare and precious collectible items including Estate treasures, crystal & glass, classic couture, jewelry and accessories. The owner of the site has always been fascinated by the history behind precious items.

It wasn’t until the owner of From Vintage 2 Vogue stumbled upon a “mom and pop” vintage store that she was drawn back to fond childhood memories. This led to a renewed love of the warm and fuzzy feelings I had as a child and soon, along with a very dear friend, I found myself searching through garage sales and back barns in States like Vermont and New Hampshire as I strived to recreate my grandmother’s living room.

At From Vintage 2 Vogue we are always looking to discover the hidden treasures that shaped the stories of other people’s lives. Out of this our newest and most exciting venture, the consignment store was born. This is an opportunity for our shoppers to find a new loving home in which to place their timeless treasures so that others can create new memories with them. As you browse through my website it is my hope that will discover not only that special heirloom that will round out your decor in a nostalgic way but will motivate you to continue the pre-loved possessions so that others may in the excitement you feel when browsing through.

This website was put together on a platform entitled BigCommerce. Images were created and modified using Photoshop. Programming languages that I used for this website include HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP.

Programming Languages Used:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • PHP

Applications & Programs Used:

  • Photoshop CS6
  • Notepad ++
  • WordPress
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