Thomas Piccininni

CEO/Founder & Marketing Director

Thomas Piccininni
  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Internet Marketing 95%
  • Google AdWords 95%
  • Google Places / Google My Business 90%
  • Clear Communication Skills 100%
  • Sales 90%
  • Customer Happiness 98%

As early as age 13, Thomas Piccininni was already working as a dishwasher at Madden’s Triangle Pub, his late grandmother & grandfather’s business. It was at this job that he had a reality check. His grandparents treated him no differently than the rest of the staff; in fact they expected more out of him, hence he grew to understand and appreciate that. They taught him work ethic in its true form.

He briefly worked at Food Town as cashier and then went on to sales at T&T Chimney Cleaners where he found out that sales was in his blood. Then at 19, he was drawn back into the restaurant business at TGIF and worked his way up to Head Bartender until age 24. At 24, Tom had heard about The Cheesecake Factory which he initially thought was a coffee type establishment. They were coming to Westbury, N.Y. and Tom was brought in as one of the Select Bartenders. It was at The Cheesecake Factory where he learned what a real bartender was. Realizing the difficulty of the job, he realized how great a corporation could be if run well.

Since that time, Tom has worked in auto sales, outselling the entire seasoned staff of Country Ford in his first month. For 2 ½ years he remained in the auto sales business until he took the owner of Precision Financial & his daughter for a test drive. Tom was offered his first position as a Mortgage Loan Officer, which he took. From late 2003 until 2009, Tom found his sales ability once again, but this time, with a twist – he was able to help people in need of getting a Mortgage since math has always been his strength. He has saved many people from going into foreclosure and also showed so many homeowners how to save hundreds of thousands of dollars, just by taking a lower term and lower rate. This came naturally to Tom.

After the Mortgage industry collapsed, Tom realized that he had to look for something new, so from 2009 until 2011 he worked as a Sales Consultant at Vast Media Group, a web development and advertising agency. While there, although he was working as a salesman, he began to learn about advertising in the Digital Age, and became very good at it. Those 2 years at Vast Media have taught him a lot, however he knew that he could do better if he started his own business. In December of 2011, Tom broke out on his own and founded New Digital Advertising.

Tom has since continued studying the necessary skill sets of the industry.  He has studied Google AdWords, Analytics, & Maps and eventually became a Google Engage Affiliate – a title bestowed upon very few people.  He hired Lorna Taylor in 2011 as his web designer, and through their joint efforts New Digital Advertising was voted “Best Web Agency on Long Island”, as well as “Best Social Media Agency on Long Island” by the Long Island Press for 2013.

Today, in 2014,  Tom is in the process of expanding New Digital Advertising to new horizons. He has hired a new team of developers, programmers, and graphic designers, as well as a General Manager.   Tom believes in a business structure that combines the “old” way of doing business with the “new”.


“Profits are important, but so are ethics, and I see each and every one of my clients fully satisfied. I always make sure that my clients get everything they asked for and more, and no client is ever left behind. We continually monitor all of our clients businesses, websites, and advertising to ensure that we are doing our very best for them. That’s how I came to be the man I am today, and that’s how NDA Web Solutions is going to thrive.”