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Learn How We Work for You to Create Not Only The Best Website Possible, but the Best Marketing Strategies as Well

1. SEO

1. Content & SEO

Content is King when it comes to web development. Keyword spamming doesn’t work anymore. Google, Bing, and other search engines read through your content to determine which keywords or key phrases are relevant to your page. We understand the algorithms used by the major search engines, and we can write content that will help your website show up on the first page of all major search engines.

However, when people visit your site, they won’t stay very long if they don’t like or understand the content of the page. We not only optimize your content for search engines – we make sure that users reading your content will be engaged so that they not only stay on your page but are compelled to browse the rest of your website.

2. Adwords & Social Media

2. Adwords & Social Media

We utilize a variety of Online Marketing tools including Google AdWords and Social Media such as Facebook to set up paid advertising for specific keywords & key phrases for specific locations. Through our analysis of your business, we will determine which keywords are most often searched, and which keywords could potentially lead to a user to make a purchase. With this analysis, we will create ads that will show up in areas you want to target, and these ads will only show up for users in that specific area.

We take a meticulous approach when creating our ads as we do with our websites to ensure that users will come to your site, ultimately leading to more sales & revenue for your business.

3. User Friendliness

3. Functionality & User Friendliness

User-friendly navigation around your site is just as essential as your content.  If a user can’t find what they’re looking for, they will leave your website.  We make sure that the primary navigation is simple & elegant at the same time. No matter what page a user is on, they will easily be able to find whatever it is they are looking for. By designing a website’s theme properly, we ensure that user’s don’t get frustrated by not being able to find what they are looking for. Rather, when a user goes to your website, they will love how simple it is for them to find what it is they are looking for.

4. Elegance & Beauty

4. Elegance & Beauty

We design beautiful and elegant websites that are user friendly and fit the theme of your business.  Our Design team will create a mockup using any combination of colors, backgrounds, and fonts that you see fit.  We also can incorporate additional services including Logo design, Print Ad layouts, business cards, brochures and much more.*

* Additional services may be subject to extra fees.  

5. Conversion

5. Goal – Customer Conversion

All of the previous steps highlight the process that we take when building a website.  Customer Conversion is the ultimate purpose and goal of any business website.  By adding buttons such as “Buy Now” or “Schedule an Appointment”, we ensure that users convert;  that is, spend money on your products and/or services.  We add quick and easy forms for your site visitors to complete, and make it easy for them to contact you via phone or e-mail. With an E-commerce site, we make sure that the checkout process is simple and seamless.

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