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New Digital Advertising, Inc. is committed to serving as an integral part of many small, medium & large sized businesses with an approach to give each of our clients a unique experience. What we have accomplished as an advertising agency has become so deeply involved in optimizing most of our clients with an entirely sensible approach in making a business function better without all the mainstream promises that were all so used to hearing today.

To impact a business we need to know how it functions & if growth is something that is even possible at the present time which New Digital Advertising, Inc. will find out by diagnosing everything that the business owner(s) & high level management team allows us to know since they’re a lot politics involved that needs a certain level of trust or we can’t ever do our very best to help a business when we don’t know everything possible that could help a business grow. This is an obstacle or formula that only made sense to me as an owner since I’ve always been a fix it kind of employee where ever I worked with both strengths & weaknesses.

This only came natural to my business to business approach since I’ve found out that some businesses have to many chiefs & not enough Indians which is where I can be completely honest & tell the decision makers that things need to change in certain areas or I won’t be able to help you out & I don’t want to waste anyone’s time & money in the process since the amount of research involved isn’t a few days it’s never ending which is why trust is a must from both sides of a business venture.

We like to get input from the most entry level or newest employee(s) first then all the way up to high level in management & then the dynamics of the business owner(s) directly. And as most of us know we don’t live in a perfect world & we all have to overcome obstacles which is how New Digital Advertising, Inc. has a long-term & very high retention rate with all of our clients on average especially in our industry. After finding out the true dynamics we then implement the best possible strategies and move in phases which we’ve developed so many successful businesses relationships & friends using all the most Modern Website Development tools that continues to change with such an extreme advancement in technology.


Meet Our Senior Staff

Thomas M. Piccininni

Thomas M. Piccininni

President, CEO, Founder, and Marketing Director

As early as age 13, Thomas Piccininni was already working as a dishwasher at Madden’s Triangle Pub, his late grandmother & grandfather’s business. It was at this job that he had a reality check.  His grandparents had treated him no differently than the rest of the staff; in fact, they expected…


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  • Customer Happiness 98%
  • Google AdWords and SEM 100%
  • Management 100%
Lorna F. Taylor

Lorna F. Taylor

General Manager, Lead Web Developer

Ever since early childhood, Lorna Taylor has always had a passion not only for art, drawing and design, but also for computers.  She received her first computer (a Commodore 64) for her 12th birthday. She not only enjoyed the various types of software which allowed her to create basic images and graphics, but…


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  • HTML 100%
  • Adobe Photoshop 90%
  • Customer Satisfaction 95%
Ronald J. Benevento

Martin Piccininni

Sales Manager


  • Customer Satisfaction 90%
  • Management 95%
  • Organization 100%

Additional Staff

Our Team also consists of designers, developers, SEO and social media experts who possess all of the necessary skills and experience to build, develop, promote and maintain quality websites and to help promote and grow your business in this fast-paced, ever-changing world. We have the tools that will translate your business into a live online extension of how you feel it should be.

NDA Web Solutions provides business owners of any size and industry with not only a quality website that will look and function according to you and your target market, but also the most fundamental service of setting up the most effective map listings on all the major search engines.

This basic service is so important but yet so overlooked even with the largest businesses in the world. The difference between a business that flourishes and a business that fails greatly depends on this very sensitive resource which is available to every business in every industry.

Our trained experts are devoted to enhancing your maps listings until it is running on all cylinders to ensure that your online traffic is generating its potential capacity at 100%.

NDA Web Solutions will also educate your business on how to be successful in maintaining your maps listings or if your time is limited we offer a continuous maintenance to always make sure that its fresh with all the newest images, text, contact information, services and products your business needs to be updated with for the most accurate information as the business may change.

Timely Support

Whether you need a project completed quickly or you have a deadline and your partner fell through, we can accommodate your needs.

Whether it’s a Logo, Website Modification, Advertisement, or even a Complete Website, contact us right away so you can get what you need, when you need it.

Innovative Ideas

Most people think that if you’re creative, you probably aren’t good at math or science, and vice versa. But the truth is, the greatest minds in human history were logical, knowledgeable, creative thinkers who used their skills and thought outside the box to achieve greatness.

Advanced Technology

Using the latest web development languages, such as HTML5 & CSS3, as well as the latest and greatest software such as ®Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, and more, we have the skills and the tools to accommodate your needs.

Clear Communication

Many people have a clear picture in their mind of a project they want to accomplish. So they find someone with the skill-set to do it, and begin to work. However, far too often there is a lapse in communication. Many developers have trouble communicating, and that leads to problems with the project. That’s something you’ll never have to worry about with us.

Recent Posts

10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

Most customers turn to the web when looking for a local business. Without a website, your company could lose credibility and lose sales. You may wonder why your small business needs a website, particularly if your business deals with only local customers. After all, it does cost money to build one, and you want to make sure you use your limited marketing dollars the best way possible. There are more than two billion people around the world who use the internet and approximately 70% of them get on the web every single day. That number continues to grow. With that many people online, it only makes sense that having an online presence is an excellent way to reach out to some of those consumers. Your small business needs a website for a number of reasons. 1. Visibility Most customers start a business search online, so if you don’t have a website you may not seem as credible or you may miss out on people who no longer use the yellow pages to find a business. When you compare the cost of a basic website to the cost of advertising in phone books or on local media outlets, a website is a cost-effective form of advertising. But even more than being cost effective, you have the potential to reach new customers you may not have thought of advertising to. 2. Testimonials & Reviews About 90% of consumers indicate they check online reviews before deciding to buy. Having a website allows you to add testimonials and link up to positive reviews of your business. This can influence whether a customer ultimately...

Safe Web Surfing: A Few Wi-Fi Rules

Don’t use free Wi-Fi if it means putting your company’s data at risk.   Before you jump on any old public network, let’s consider what you do most often online: peruse social media, monitor credit card statements, check bank balances and email employees or clients. Most of these activities put your online session at risk for a multitude of data security issues, including identity theft and a wicked viruses. Reduce your exposure with these simple steps: Turn off automatic Wi-Fi connections. Connecting to any network is like walking into a stranger’s house. Review and select confirmed networks you can trust. Check with the barista, librarian or wait staff to make sure you’re connecting to their specific network—hackers often set up fake networks that look similar to lure users. Use a virtual private network (VPN) when handling business communications to shield yourself from unwanted onlookers. Free Wi-Fi is not always gift from the tech-gods. Like your mom told you, if it’s too good to be true … (you know the rest). Source:...

Here’s What Business Owners Need to Know About Apple’s New Products

This month Apple unveiled a more powerful iPad, operating system upgrades, and the new HomePod AI speaker. Apple made several big announcements regarding the future of its services and devices at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Along with making some compelling software improvements, Apple also announced updates to its product line. Here’s what small business owners need to know about Apple’s announcements: iOS 11 and iPad By far the most relevant announcement for small business owners are related to the iPad. The forthcoming iOS 11 will bring many improvements to Apple’s mobile products. Among other fixes, the new operating system will finally address a common criticism of the iPad: Namely, that the tablet just isn’t competent enough to be used as a standalone/primary computer. First, the iPad now has a mature file system. In a similar manner to using the Mac’s “Finder” window, users will be able to find all of their documents in a single “Files” app. The app is able to locate documents in other apps and it’s compatible with Google Drive, Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Dropbox, and other popular cloud-based storage platforms. The iPad is also getting an upgraded Dock that can hold far more apps, also reminiscent of the Mac. This adds to other multitasking features, like the ability to drag and drop images and other elements from one split screen to the other. The “Pro” tablet will receive several spec upgrades that should make using the Apple Pencil a more fluid experience, and using the camera to instantly scan documents and mark them up using the Pencil—without the use of third party apps—could come in handy. One...

Privacy Is Completely And Utterly Dead, And We Killed It

Privacy… everyone keeps talking about it and apparently everyone is concerned with it, but going forward does it even matter? I recently watched the documentary, “Terms and Conditions may Apply,” which provides a fascinating look at how organizations such as Facebook, Google, Apple, and others have changed the way they look at and approach privacy. After watching the movie it had me wondering, “does privacy even matter anymore?” Most of us use Facebook, have iPhones, use Twitter, search on Google, and use the hundreds of other tools and platforms that companies have so graciously given us access to. We subscribe to newsletters, buy things online, take quizzes, allow our apps to access third party websites, enter contests, and register for conferences. Simply loading a webpage of any kind tracks some kind of information about you. All of these companies have “terms and conditions” documents that pretty much none of us read. In effect everyone that uses these technologies has signed away their privacy yet we still see people saying that they want more privacy. What gives? I think we’ve clearly reached a point in today’s world where privacy is pretty much a lost cause. Our information is already out there and regardless of how hard we scream that we want it back or want it to be secure, it’s not going to happen…ever. If anything we are seeing a shift towards more openness, more transparency, and less privacy. Most people don’t event know what information they are giving up or to whom. For example, in their recent Privacy Index, EMC EMC +% found that 51% of respondents were not willing to...

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